Baggily is a Professional Design Company of All kinds organizers, always putting quality in the first place, and are committed to providing you with quality cosmetic bags and various storage bags. Baggily has registered brands all over the world, and its online and offline reputation has always been very good, and it has a certain brand influence.

All of our products are of good quality and many styles, which are verified by the market and have a huge market. What are the benefits of being our agent?
1. Free to join: no fee is required, only a few minutes to apply

2. Unlimited income: up to 20% commission for each order, we have no restrictions on the amount of commission, and commission is refunded for one order

3. Professional team: You only need to guide customers to buy, and we will deliver the goods to us after the sale.

4. Reliable tracking: Shopify internal discount system, everything can be checked

How to become our agent?
1. Contact us, explain on which platforms you will recommend our products, and attach the link

2. After the review is passed, we will give you a discount code

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.